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Last Updated:
November 27, 2014

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Unix Hosting
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Choosing The Best Operating System For Your Needs

Do you prefer Windows or UNIX? Or even Linux? This is a question that troubles many webmasters. They have knowledge that selecting the right operating system will can have a significant effect on their business. The Windows servers tend to integrate Microsoft programs such as FrontPage, Access and MS SQL used in back office operations. They also provide specific programs such as Active Server Pages (ASP), Visual Basic Scripts and Cold Fusion that make web hosting very easy. Most importantly, Windows servers can be easily managed and multiplexed because of .NET technology. They can offer excellent levels of support, security  →
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Comparing Windows Hosting To UNIX

When looking through what various web hosting companies offer you will be sure to notice that some tend to offer UNIX hosting whereas some others offer Windows. Some hosts even offer the choice of the two operating systems. The question you might therefore ask yourself is what is the difference and which one is better? Firstly, when you decide to choose a host, the kind of operating system you develop your web site on or what you use on your own computer is irrelevant. Web sites hosted on both UNIX and Windows servers are universally accessible due to the fact  →
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Best Linux Hosting Provider India

The web hosting industry is on its boom. Everyday latest technologies and features are making it more secure, reliable and value-added service for the consumer, at the same time it provides good growing opportunities to businessmen, and it clearly indicates why the number of hosting companies is growing so fast and every second person is turning towards reseller web hosting service provider business. Need not to say that web hosting is the soul of the World Wide Web no matter why you build a site or what your purpose is if you have a website design and developed it then  →
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