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November 27, 2014

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Web Colours Made Clear

In 1994, 216 colours were defined by Netscape having a priority in browsers based on the 256 colours exhibited by an 8-bit system. However, 40 colours showed up differently between PCs and MACs and were therefore done away with. These 216 fixed colours, also named web safe colours have been universally recognized by all browsers and operating systems. In other words, websites using these colours only are more likely to look similar on any browser. Fewer than 5% of computer systems are at present using 8-bit systems and are consequently limited to 256 colours. Nevertheless, you should still make use  →
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Image Optimization To Reduce Webpage Load Times

Despite the fact that more and more Internet users turn to broadband each year, a large section of the web’s population continues to run on good old dial-up connections. It is therefore not very wise to count them out of the equation when you design your website, and a very major consideration we have to make for dial up users is the time your website takes to load. More commonly, all the text on your website will be loaded in a very little time even on a dial-up connection. The culprit of slow-loading sites are mainly large images located on  →
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The Most Versatile in Video Conferencing – The Polycom Vsx 7400

If you are in the market for a new video conferencing product, there are a lot of companies that are able to make some video conferencing products. However, which one do you consider would be best for your needs? There are several different options for you to choose from, and if you have limited space, then finding the proper model of video conferencing equipment will be even more important. If you don’t have a lot of space, or are looking for versatility, then you will probably like to take a good look at the Polycom Vsx 7400 to satisfy all  →
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Flash Based Sites – Pros and Cons

For the past few years, flash-based sites have been all the rage, and as Macromedia compiles more and more great features into Flash, we can only forecast that there will be more and more flash sites showing up around the Internet. Nevertheless, Flash based sites have been very much disputed as too catchy and unnecessary. Here’s a simple idea of the pros and cons that will help you to draw the line. The Pros: Interactivity The action script that goes along with Flash has the ability to open up a vast field of possibilities. Programmers and designers have made use  →
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Why Using Graphic Templates is the Best Solution

When you are considering graphics, it is quite common for most Internet marketers to shy away from using graphic templates, whether they are eBook covers, website layouts or promotional banners, as they strongly believe that through the use of graphic templates, they will be tarnishing their own business. They will want to own a unique identity and therefore will always find a professional graphic designer for them to do the job. Well, you’re actually in for a big surprise! When you buy a graphic template, it will be possible for you to customize it to an extent or even build  →
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Unique Web Design Advantages Using Flash

Flash is one of the most practical programs that Macromedia has to put forward. Some people can use it for making very specialized animations and some also use it for web design. As far as web design is concerned, Flash is already replacing Javascript. Whilst some years ago web designers were generating fresh drop-down menus with lines and lines of Javascript, now it has become even easier with Flash. Flash’s biggest advantage is its great user friendly interface which can resolve the most intricate problems by either using the modules included in the package or the simple programming language. Coupled  →
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Hex codes for Colours (RGB) Explained

When you work on your computer such as editing an HTML page, doing an animation job, or editing a photo, it is quite likely you might come across some strange colour code set in the program which looks like #FFFFFF. Usually people just use the code with the help of a web palette or any program for editing. Nevertheless, this code gives you some insight on the display of your computer and how the screen functions. Bearing in mind the basics of elementary school art, the three primary colours are red, blue, and yellow. They’re called the primary colours because  →
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