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Last Updated:
November 27, 2014

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Data Security
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IBM LTO LTO-5 Introduces New Path Failover System in Backup Market

The more data you have, the more vulnerable. Hardware / software failure, malignant changes, viruses, and natural disasters are some of the main reasons that could affect the integrity of the data, and even lead to complete loss of information. This concern applies to all organizations ranging from small and larger companies. Growth in the volume of data exceeds the ability of the media, which has increased the demand for more cost-effective, efficient and high-performance backup solutions to manage this vast amount of data and extension. LTO tape technology and media is the most preferred solution for data-intensive environments, and companies with limited  →
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Wireless Routers for Homes; Are they Even Safe to Use?

Many are wondering if wireless routers used in homes are safe to use and if there are any risks if other people use their internet connection. Indeed, wireless routers may offer free internet to some, but because of this fact, some people with dark intentions in mind can exploit this opportunity. Hijacking Connection Computer forensics say that someone can use your wireless internet connection to attack other computer networks. Hackers would prefer to use others internet connection, instead of theirs when they attack a particular target. Although hackers can mask their connection, details and location, it is much safer for  →
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Fujifilm LTO 2 Tape Provides Price Effective Backup

The data storage demands of web applications and databases have increased dramatically within the last decade. Not solely that, these applications need additional capability, it’s essential that the time taken by backup operations ought to even be reduced for organizations to compete in their connected sectors. Therefore, currently firms worldwide need high capability and price effective means of backup that are additionally sturdy to guard valuable knowledge for extended time amounts. LTO-2 26220001-tape cartridge has been introduced by Fuji, a world renowned company producing means that Fuji LTO 2 media tape is a good high capability and most value effective  →
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IBM Provides Effective Backup Through LTO-3 Tapes

The 21st century business environment has become more interconnected and collaborative. The backup storage needs are increasing at a rapid rate day by day, and the data retention laws force the organizations to record their business transactions and data files for longer time periods for different purposes.  The I.T managers have to store & archive data effectively, and satisfy the rigid compliance requirements within their tight IT budgets and environments. IBM LTO-3 backup tapes with part number 24R1922 are highly robust and can withstand the stress of heavy workloads. Two full-height and four half-height drives can be integrated into TS3200  →
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Why IBM LTO 2 is the Top Choice of IT Managers?

Each and every day government agencies, e-businesses, financial top organizations and businesses small or large enterprises around the world produce tons of data, information and other related sensitive and most valuable data information, whose availability on time and integrity with strength is vital for future growth. Companies and enterprises around the world are spending lots of money to secure backup information, looking for most economical and reliable solutions. LTO (liner tape open) is a globally well known tape media format which has proven to be the most efficient, reliable, storage solution for handling the challenges of data storage rich environments.  →
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Image Recovery for Mac Operating System

Images are always important for the human being as these contain visual representations and today these images are getting better and better as technology is always working for better results. Camcorders are fully equipped with enhanced and powerful lenses, image stability and particularly still images are produced with high resolution. It is always preferred to take high resolution images at ceremonies and other family celebrations and parties. Images are always of great importance and contain beautiful memories that are always to be protected against loss of these photos. Digital images refer to the image files that are present on the  →
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Retrieve Lost Files from Mac with Recovery Software

Most of them are using Mac OS these days because of the features that it provides and they also find this OS to be good enough to protect data. But, these days in many cases, most are experiencing loss of data from their systems. If at all one experiences that a file has been deleted from the Mac OS but later realizes that they are important files then it will be a big problem for them. Earlier it was quite difficult to recover lost files but with improvements that have been made in the day to day basis IT world,  →
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Why Chose HP’s LTO-5 Tape?

Linear Tape Open technology is the latest innovation within the field of backup technology. It’s a serious contribution in creating the companies of nowadays to be additionally advanced and economical. Linear Tape Open LTO technology allows businesses to handle and method massive quantities of knowledge at a surprisingly low price. The names behind the innovation of this technology are internationally recognized and acclaimed and these embody Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Seagate. They’re the masterminds behind Linear Tape open technology. The customary model of LTO technology is termed and therefore the most elementary version of this technology was released within the year 2000.  →
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File Recovery on the Mac OS

Disk utility software applications are always required for making a better use of the computer resources. A disk utility application is for managing the physical storage media for optimal use, and the main purpose of such tools is to provide optimal resource utilization of the computer system. A disk utility dedicatedly refers to the management of the storage media. Data is something for the entire system used. A computer system is entirely used for fulfilling the task of composition, management and utilization of the data that may be present in multiple formats depending on the media. For an individual user  →
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How to Protect Social Media Profiles?

Your personal information on social networking sites must be secured not because of privacy but to prevent it from identity theft. Using social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is so fun but we are unaware of the insecurities walking with them and provide all our personal information carelessly. This may result in great personal, professional and financial losses as it becomes easier for the hackers to get your information easily. Therefore, privacy on social networks is an essential requirement for every online user. Social media has become a part of our culture and spread all over the world.  →
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