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November 27, 2014

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How to choose a JSP hosting company

If you have a good, well-reputed website or if you are planning to start one, one of the most important things to take care is about hosting the website.  Of all the available options in the market, the JSP platform can be said as the best to host your website.  In java server pages we have HTML tags and text tags along with server side scripts so they work more effectively than having normal HTML tags. Because of the interaction of server side java applications java programming is chosen over other hosting facilities. JSP hosting is one among the fastest  →
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Today’s Increasing Demand For Web Hosting Services

A hosting service provider also know as a web host provides web hosting services that can enable users to post web pages on the Internet. These services aren’t just limited to providing web space on a server but also comprise facilities such as connectivity to T3 lines, protection against nasty hacker attacks, domain name registration, design and coding of websites. Good web hosts can even give web templates that make hosting a lot easier. This set aside, site owners can look for other facilities such as FTP (file transfer protocol) access, e-mail, e-mail aliases, mail forwarding, shopping carts etc. These  →
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Web Hosting Mistakes To Beware Of

Web hosting mistakes aren’t always avoidable, but it can be helpful if you learn from your mistakes. Two main types of mistakes can be made. The first type is technical mistakes; and the second type is general management mistakes. The technical mistakes arise on account of the lack of understanding of the net and how it functions. A majority of companies try to fill up each web page with lots of information and photographs. They do not realize that heavy pages take longer to download. They also don’t understand that a customer might be lost on a page that isn’t  →
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Importance Of Technical Support For Net Projects

An efficient web hosting service is one that can provide good technical support on a daily basis. This doesn’t just stop at hardware and software but also to other issues related to domain names such as integration with payment gateways, acquirement of SSL certificates, advice on newsletter software or RSS feeds. Regrettably, very few of these web hosting services exist. Most of them only make tall claims but don’t actually invest enough on equipment and competent support staff. Some aren’t even hosting companies but just plain resellers, although they make huge promises. So it’s up to the webmaster to make  →
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Deciding On Space And Bandwidth Options

Just how important is space and bandwidth to your needs? This is an important question, and you will probably need to think about it before you decide to purchase a hosting package. You will firstly have to examine the content that you are planning to host. Is it mostly plain text or are there any photographs? Also, do you plan to host audio and video files? As you might already know, text takes the least amount of space; whereas photographs and graphics take considerably more; and audio and video files take the maximum space. This fact applies to both storage  →
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Web Hosts For Small Businesses

Finding small business web hosts which are good quality can sometimes be a challenge especially for individuals and businesses which are on a limited budget. This is due to the fact that the high-end hosting companies centre on the corporate market or on high traffic websites. They aren’t very much interested in the small and home office divisions due to the scale of operations being low, and the margins being less. All this has led to the burgeoning of scores of web hosts that tend to offer shared hosting packages to small and medium companies. The majority of these web  →
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The Advantages Of Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the best solution to choose for most small and medium sized websites. There are several advantages to choosing shared hosting. The biggest advantage is the cost. Compared to hosting on dedicated servers, shared hosting is much cheaper and affordable. You can buy a web hosting package that fits your business needs most. There won’t be any need for you to sign-up for an all-inclusive account if you won’t be using most of the services. Shared hosting can also be very advantageous for the web hosting company, because it can host hundreds of small and medium websites on  →
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Finding The Right Web Host With A Hosting Guide

A web hosting guide can assist you in comparing the services being offered by different hosting companies. This is a significant benefit as you won’t have to visit various sites in order to obtain details. You can log on to a single site and compare services by bandwidth, price or disk space. Nevertheless, before you visit a web guide you will need to define what your needs are. For example, do you need one GB of space or 10 GB? And what is the likely data transfer per month? Would you prefer a Unix environment or a Windows server? You  →
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Setting Up Your Website Fast!

What is needed in order to create an easily maintainable, scalable website fast? It’s really not as much as you might think. Let’s go through the list of website requirements and a few ideas. Firstly, you will need a domain name. Try to decide on a top-level domain  with a “com”, “net”, “org” extension. Then, go to a domain-name registrar such as Domainsnow4u.com or CheapToRegister.com and start entering domain names which you might be interested in buying. If you have a company  or unique brand name, your choice will be considerably more easy as the likelihood that anyone else might’ve  →
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