These tips can help plan a successful wedding photography assignment in Pakistan!

As a wedding photographer, you are entrusted to capture the event using your maestro wedding photography skills. Here we are sharing some useful tips for wedding photographers to help them stay calm, comfy and focused while covering a wedding event in Karachi.

1.       Comfy Shoes are life saver

Wedding photography is an tantamount task and you would have to walk the heck of your life while you cover the entire wedding event. Wearing uncomfortable shoes will leave you in total pain and disarray – beside you aren’t the bride or groom so wearing a comfy shoes won’t matter. So, while going for a wedding photography, make sure you choose a comfortable pair of show as your life saver.

2.       Mind Uncle Bob

Well, there are interesting characters in every Pakistani wedding. Especially if you are on an assignment to cover wedding photography in Karachi or Lahore you can expect lots of uncle Bob ready to unwanted advise at all times. Though these character wants to help, however, they unknowingly are the biggest interruption during the photo shoot. So, it is well advised to straightly negate any offer of help by Uncle Bob and let him know that he is not wanted near the couple or in front of camera.

3.       Couple’s Photo Shoot is important

Eastern weddings are known for their cultural and traditional touch. One such tradition is the restriction of bride and groom getting along before the wedding event. Getting the couple’s picture is important for the perfect wedding photographic album and it is almost impossible to get some candid photos on the wedding day with all guests and distractions.

Therefore it is important to sit and have a talk with couple to discuss your photo shoot requirement. If you can get an hour of time alone with couple this could do fortunes for your album. Even if the couple isn’t really sure if they can commit an hour of photo shoot before the wedding day, try our calling them early to wedding hall (before the arrival of guests). An hour of solitude with couple can give you enough cushions to take some stunning candid photos for the album.

4.       Know the bride’s photos at all times

Well, brides are particularly sensitive to their wedding day. Well, they had to be as this is the biggest day of their life and they don’t want even a single photo to be missed. So, it is always advisable to get along with the bride and discuss all the photos (with all her friends, roommates, sisters, cousins etc.) she doesn’t want to miss. Create a list of such demands and make sure you follow the list in full spirit.

5.       Use your range of lenses professionally

Well, this is where you professionalism is tested. More often bride and groom find themselves overwhelmed by the consistent presence of camera around them. This is why we see so many dull and tired photos for a wedding photography event in Karachi or Lahore.

 If you see tiredness or dullness over the couple’s face, it’s time to change your gears and switch to long lenses (say 200mm). Switching to longer lenses will help you take candid photos from distant locations which will make the couple at ease.