Best Linux Hosting Provider India

The web hosting industry is on its boom. Everyday latest technologies and features are making it more secure, reliable and value-added service for the consumer, at the same time it provides good growing opportunities to businessmen, and it clearly indicates why the number of hosting companies is growing so fast and every second person is turning towards reseller web hosting service provider business. Need not to say that web hosting is the soul of the World Wide Web no matter why you build a site or what your purpose is if you have a website design and developed it then it has to be hosted on some platform otherwise there is no use for the website.

Choosing a web hosting plan and service provider is not an easy task. There are various factors to consider before choosing your hosting platform. Apart from platform selection it is equally important to choose a good hosting service provider and give your business a smooth start and hassle-free running.

There was a time when people looked at European countries in search of good and reliable web hosting services but now there are various Indian web hosting companies offering great service and best plans to the customers, suiting their interest. Browse the internet, read the reviews and collect information about web hosting service providers, compare the plans, service and prices and choose the best web hosting plan for your website. 

You can choose windows reseller hosting, cheap Linux hosting, cheap reseller hosting or dedicated hosting depending on your requirement and budget. All hosting plans have their own unique features, select the one that suits your requirement.

Matters related to web hosting are a bit technical, it is even advised to the professional hosting service provider who offer 24×7 technical assistance. Consider features like bandwidth, up time, disc space and email accounts while selecting hosting services proved and ensured better web hosting service for your website.

Give your online presence a sound backing by choosing a right hosting service provider and ensure that your website does not face any technical difficulties.

Make your hosting service selection easy by remembering a few points. Always consider the size and purpose of your website, bandwidth requirement, technical support by service provider, and necessary basic services offered by the web hosting service provider. If a company successfully meets all these requirements then there are chances that its service will surely meet your expectation and demand.

Enjoy hosting service with India’s top most hosting service providers and get full value for your time and money. 

Choosing The Best Operating System For Your Needs

Do you prefer Windows or UNIX? Or even Linux? This is a question that troubles many webmasters. They have knowledge that selecting the right operating system will can have a significant effect on their business.

The Windows servers tend to integrate Microsoft programs such as FrontPage, Access and MS SQL used in back office operations. They also provide specific programs such as Active Server Pages (ASP), Visual Basic Scripts and Cold Fusion that make web hosting very easy.

Most importantly, Windows servers can be easily managed and multiplexed because of .NET technology. They can offer excellent levels of support, security and integration for the Microsoft family of products. Their special characteristics make them a good choice for both shared and dedicated hosting. Nonetheless, all these services come at a cost, which might be problematic for smaller businesses.

Similarly, the UNIX platform offers a large number of hosting solutions. Their most significant characteristic is that they can deal with large volumes of traffic, are robust and capable of hosting many sites at the same time. Further, they are very flexible and webmasters can customize their services in real time from any computer. Also, unlike Windows, UNIX system isn’t limited to special remote administration programs. Any computer connected to the Internet can gain access to a typical UNIX system without any special or costly software.

Many webmasters make UNIX servers their choice because of the server uptime. It is not that Windows servers don’t promise 99 per cent uptime. But to attain it the web host must be very capable and skilled in Microsoft systems. This won’t be a limitation in the case of UNIX servers.

For all the newcomers, selecting one among the many UNIX hosting plans, should be the best option. Nevertheless, all those who are comfortable with Windows applications such as FrontPage, Microsoft Access or MS SQL should prefer Windows. This will make integration easier. Thankfully, these days most hosting firms support MS FrontPage server extensions on both Windows and UNIX platforms.

Further, Linux, which is a variation of UNIX, is yet another option. This operating system has grown out of the free software movement and will provide facilities which are reasonably firm. It is also a lot less costly than Windows. Webmasters also find it a lot more easy to learn and adapt to Linux environments due to the Linux code being available online.

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