Email marketing software from Interspire – Features

Email marketing means sending emails to people for improving your business. Email marketing is considered one of the most effective ways of Online marketing. In Email marketing direct mails are sent to client’s mail id. These mails will contain information about the company, which is sending these mails. Doing this humanly is difficult and it requires more time. Email marketing softwares are developed for this purpose, it makes Email marketing simple.

Interspire Email marketer is one such software used for email marketing. In Interspire Email marketer we can create, send, track and profit from email marketing. It also includes a feature called Auto responder, which is automatically, responds to the client.Let us now take a look of some of the features of Interspire Email marketing software, which makes it one of the best Email marketing software in the market.

Automatic follow up
With the help of the new feature called auto responders automatic follow up of our companies prospectus is done. We don’t have to sit in front of computer all the time, the software will serve as an assistant who will be ready to work 24×7.

Optimize your Email click by using Split testing
First, send a few different sample of your mail to some contacts and then the software will find the best one and will be sending to the others automatically. This process will guarantee that the best composed mails will reach the customers inbox and increases the probability that he pays fair attention to the mail.

Automating the list management
List is automatically managed by using triggers.Inactive leads are removed and a follow up mail is send when one link is clicked

Advanced smart bounce processing
Interspire Email marketing Software ensures that all mails in the list are delivered. Invalid email id s are removed and keeps the mailing list neat by smart bouncing rules.these smart bouncing rules ensure that our server is not blacklisted  by the repeated bouncing mails.

Solicit and track with feedback and surveys
This is a new facility included in the newest version of the Interspire Email marketer which enables the user to create customized surveys and feedback forms. We can link these quickly to our mailing list in no time.

Lead monitoring
By using Interspire Email marketer we can track the complete activity of a lead. It records whenever a lead opens your email, clicks it or performs any activity.

There are a lot more feature such as Interspire Email marketer is completely browser based and contains dozens of build in templates.Automatic event logging, Google calendar integration, Google statistics integration are some of the other features makes  Interspire Email marketer favorite in the cyber world.

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