Facebook Plunders That Can Reduce your Profitability Online

Facebook has developed faster and pretty bigger than any other social network within a short period of time hence making it a perfect goldmine only if you understand how to go about it. The number of people using Facebook will soon cross the one billion mark hence there is need to get more Facebook fans if you are serious about promoting your business.

The problem is that there are many people who really do not understand how to  take  advantage of this  huge  social media platform  and  promote themselves. Here are three major mistakes  which  you  should  avoid when you are  seeking  to get more facebook fans and when promoting your business online.

Don’t be a Self Promoter

At all times, there is huge need to focus on the needs of your business and make alterations with the view to ensuring that you  provide them with the information which they  would like to know  about your business  concern. If you broadcast 10  posts a day, make  sure that  a higher percentage of them are  about  your business, its  products  and how it is  trying  its best to satisfy the  needs of its customers. When you  don’t offer hard  hitting  feeds or posts, you  will find  your fans  removing  the  comments  or  statements you make  from their news feeds.

Being Too Friendly

Yes, we are ambidextrous with social media at times but you should accept the extreme fun that comes with it. Given that you have the  products you promote, why  not just  organize  and  give  away  some  of them to your friends  and  fans  in facebook?Furthermore, the  posts  which you make  should in  one way or  another  should  be  professional. Never mention your  personal  stuff  and  also  avoid  stating  what you are  about to  do or  what you are eating for the  night. Present your posts in  a manner  which  will  entice your  fans  to building  a long  term relationship with your  company. You’ll   find that  some  posts that are personal in nature can be  entertaining  but  will not  add  any value to the  professional image of your  company.

Never Engage your Fans!

Your facebook page fans  could  at times  post a disastrous  statement that  could  leave you  wondering  what the  intention is  all about. Even if it is something ridiculous, there is need to ensure that you answer them in a polite and honest way. Whether they are true or false, it doesn’t help being very defensive. It is the boxy that get going when the   going gets tough. Cravens never win but are the champions that triumph!

Avoid Certain Types of Quotations

There are many quotations out there which your fans   will find to be interesting. Get  away from  certain  quotations  which  don’t  add  any value  to the  reputation of your business. Just get quotations that are suitable and with some relationship to whatever your business offers. How to buy Facebook likes?

Generally, Facebook marketing is all about strategies that enables you get more Facebook fans. If you have the numbers, you wouldn’t find it hard spreading your marketing message.

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