Getting the Most Out of a Webmaster

Once you have taken the good decision to create a new website, your work begins. This article gives you some ideas to consider as your website is being constructed.

An efficient webmaster will suggest your domain name brings in at least one good keyword. He can also help you with advice on getting a fine domain name.

What is also important is to choose the purpose of the website. For example, you must know if the website’s purpose will be to direct leads for building a customer list, whether you want people to fill in an online form to provide you with information on their situation (real estate information, for example), or if it is just an information page for yourself and your company. Whether you want to your website’s use to be more for saving time for people that request information, or if you want to portray an image of a modern organization, depending on your individual needs, the webmaster will get a better idea of what you want in order to get a more precise look and feel of the website. So make sure you are clear on what your website’s aims are.

Colors are also important. Make sure you indicate to your webmaster which are your preferred colors and your webmaster will advise you accordingly. For example, certain shades of green can create a soothing feeling while red instigates action more. Bold colors are to be used with moderation.

The webmaster can also help you with your website’s layout, and guiding the visitor through the website with many links and graphics. More often than not, more words are not more effective. What is more important is having effective headlines and subtitles. Let your webmaster know about all your ideas before he starts the construction.

Also, try to consider buttons and the function they will have, also, how many of them you will need to get your point across. Try to have a clear idea of what you want, because changing buttons is harder than changing text. Bad planning can lead to more pages and a price increase on the design of the website. Most webmasters, though easygoing, do tend to charge for extra time and effort above the original price quote.

If you would like to make use of any graphics, collect them up and have them available to your webmaster from the start. He will also be able to make the website more interesting with his own graphics. Keep your large graphics to the least possible. Most efficient webmasters can help a great deal in this process of making the images fit your pages. However, the pictures you provide must be clear and crisp.

Make sure to also provide any music clips or audio clips that you might want to use. He will usually ask for music clips in am mp3 format. He will also have to check all browsers to make sure the clips can be heard in all settings.

Make sure you give your webmaster all your contact information so he can compile an “about us” page. Elements you can include are all items related to your business, awards you might’ve won, your company’s goals, as well as little bits of personal information about the partners or owners, and anything that can help a visitor feel more comfortable doing business with you. That should be the goal of your “about us” page.

Templates are also important in the process of web design. Allow your webmaster to also contribute his ideas and pick a few fitting templates. Most webmasters use pure html, but some also use the Front Page format or Dreamweaver. In my opinion, the only reason for a template, is to give your webmaster a better idea about what you would like your website to look like. So, don’t rule out a webmaster that uses templates and don’t also rule out a webmaster that takes templates for ideas and then redesigns them to fit your needs. Either solution will be effective and will work depending on the time and effort implicated in the new website’s creation.

Finally, always consider your webmaster an addition to your business. Marketing your business will be your responsibility, but your website should really be a joint effort between you and the webmaster. With your webmaster’s help, sound, graphics, and colors can make your website really come alive. The clearer you can be on your wishes, the better your webmaster will satisfy you. You will be surprised at you’re your webmaster can do with just a few simple outlines of ideas!

Most webmasters work hard to satisfy their customer’s wishes, so make sure you are reasonable in your requests so that your website experience will be a positive one for everyone.


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