Backup Solution : HP Presents a new and improved version of LTO5 Tapes

Backup is no longer an option but it’s compulsion for companies. The reason is simple and straightforward, no business can afford to stop its operations in this modern age. Some of you wonder why this is the case. If the work is to cease operations at the moment when you are working to national companies as well as at the international level, they suffer from significant loss in sales and profits. With this threat hanging over the business, and there only best option left is to install the system backup of the data.

There are many techniques backup competition in the market but the best of the best is the linear tape open. Linear tape open technology and the revolution in the system of data backup and is currently used by many companies. This type of technology is suitable for all types of businesses small, medium and large. This is because the technology goes easy on the budget with the provision of commercial backup system more efficient. Technology leaders behind the open linear tape are IBM, Seagate and Hewlett Packard. This is the form of an open standard technology, which uses magnetic tape to store data. LTO has been described under the section “super tape” in the market, but is the best bar and the sale of most of the design under the tape superpower.

Called the latest version of the technology linear tape open tape LTO – 5. This version was released in 2010. This is a new and improved version of the open linear tape technology and holds up to 1500 GB. When looking for the best media LTO5, HP tops the list. HP LTO5 tape, part number C7975A, tape is the most durable and efficient.

Dimensions of the tape are very reasonable, making it easy to install and store. Length of 846 meters and LTO5 while the thickness of 6.4 micrometers. The total number of track in LTO – 5 1280 tapes which is exceptionally a high figure as compared to the previous generation LTO – 4 tape 896 tracks because it is the newest generation of tapes LTO, which is the most advanced and efficient. Speed ??provided by LTO – 5 is 140 MB “per second. With such speed and high storage capacity, LTO – 5 is suitable for any type of business, whether you’re a small company or large media company headquarters.

There are many features that are not limited to tape LTO – 5, and the most prominent include the ability to encrypt data. Facility with the encryption on the tape you can keep your information safe even without installing any extra equipment. Other feature exclusive videos LTO5 is the partition, and now you can split the storage of the tape in half. All of these features are available exclusively on the bar LTO5 HP, part number C7975A, as well. The HP LTO5 meets the customers all over the world, and if your business still has not turned to him; you not only lose the opportunity to take advantage of high quality backup system and also the ease and smoothness in the backup world.

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