Ipad And Iphone Web Design – The “I” Of Web Design

The power of “I” means the power of the world at your fingertips. With iPad and IPhone being the pulse of worldwide connectivity, designing for the new platform comes with a plethora of challenges.

From the small screen to the touch interface the web platform demands a far high resolution on the iphone/ipad medium making it challenging for web-designers to skillfully adapt to the new medium. To start with, there is a drastic difference between how typography appears on a desktop and an iPhone medium. A font, which suits the desktop screen, need not be compatible with the ipad resolution. The size, the color and the style should be carefully decided in such a way that it comes out with fine resolution and readability on both types of screens. Another highlight about iPAd resolution is its sharpness against the high-pitched light contrast, which makes lengthy text a little bit tough to read. This is because small texts (the web body) appear too small on iPad whereas the larger pixel size doesn’t gel well with the canvas dimensions. Since both iPAd and iPhone work on portrait and landscape views, the web design should seamlessly enable both types of viewing on the iPad. One of the key challenges faced by web designers to “lay out” for the iPhone model is the user-interface design.

The iPhone/IPad interface demands less of user-inputs and more of outputs. With the limited screen-space, it is not only precision, which plays a vital role but also the number of actions(which has to be limited) the user is likely to carry out to perform a task. So, the focus should be on the primary touch/swipe events for primary functions exploiting the limited screen space, within the framework of simple information architecture. One main area of ipad designing challenge is that of navigation. Compared to websites, which have a definite functional frameset and a more complex information architecture with embedded links, iPad information architecture is limited.

This feature demands that interaction designers for iPad web design are rightly able to measure the information that is going to be presented on the iPad. For instance, the iPad interface doesn’t support a static scrollbar. To override such limitations, the design for iPad should either be centered on a simple, structured content model, which will deliver a smooth-sailing user-experience or, the existing content model should be remodeled in such a way that both measuring and orientation of the information on the interface is a perfect-fit. Though the lack of mouse-triggered events, and the missing support for certain HTML and CSS features and flash plug-ins add to the challenges of iPhone design; the future of “mobile computing” is decoded through the touch/swipe interface.

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