Is Your Website Good Enough To Do Business?

Why do some websites sell well and others not? Do you truly need a degree in marketing in order to design a website? Is your website’s design having any impact on sales?

You might not totally comprehend this but many thriving internet marketing companies realize that their websites design are as much of a marketing decision as the ad copy. How come?

Amazing things can be achieved by web designers by using the right graphics and colours. Also, your website will look much more professional if you let an expert apply his handiwork. Nevertheless, it is important for you to grasp some of the crucial elements that clever marketers will most certainly want to show (or not show) on their highly profitable sites. If you are attentive to these elements, you could be able to choose a web designer who will be qualified in marketing as well as design.


Designs with striking colours can make very persuasive choices for setting the right mood. However, reading on a computer screen requires as much contrast as possible; otherwise your reader will develop vision fatigue. You must not irritate or tire your visitors in any way or they may leave your site, so make sure that the main body of your website copy is black writing preferably on a white background – or as close to that principle as possible.

Bear in mind that colours can also change appearance on various different monitors, so what might look cool and calm on one monitor can turn out to be bright and flashy on another.


If used properly, unusual, bold graphics can really catch your visitor’s eye. Nevertheless, unbeaten internet marketers all agree that you should avoid flash graphics as much as possible. Once again, they tend to tire your visitor’s eyes or can cause a disruption from the written copy. At a first glance, your work could impress the viewer, but it can also subconsciously annoy them. The best advice is to go for simplicity.


Your site’s first ‘fold’ is similar to opening a tractional paper letter. If you take out a letter from an envelope which is folded in three, you will most obviously see the top ‘fold’ first.

This fold is what your visitors will be able to see without them scrolling down the page. It is very important that major elements like your descriptive headlines, contact numbers, newsletter subscription forms etc. all show in the first fold of your website. Make sure you do not use banners in that space unless they are crucial to your business. Doing this will just give space to other websites rather than your own and your much needed customer will click away from your site.

In the above few paragraphs, you have been presented with some of the important issues you should be aware of when you decide to design or re-design your website.

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