Requirements For Evaluating Site Performance

It is important to evaluate site performance in order to improve your customer satisfaction levels. Quite often, customers will move away from a site which takes too long to download. You can’t really blame them due to the fact that you are the only one responsible for the hosting of your website.

Slow downloads can be due to the web server’s low processing speed, low bandwidth connection, or the website’s poor database structure or also the overloading of web pages with images and graphics. As you can see, this can be on account of any one of these factors or all of the factors. It is really your job to find out why your site is slow and then fix the problem.

Recent research has shown that slow website performance can cause very big losses in retail sales. Thankfully, many performance monitoring tools are available now, this both offline and online. You can use these tools to measure your website’s performance.

You can also adhere to a remote monitoring service and get a comprehensive analysis done. This analysis will research content mix, web server speed, bandwidth availability, server downtime, page performance, etc, and it will help you to identify the key problems and help you to fix them, before your customers start sending you complaints. Most performance monitoring services will give you notice immediately about any problems by phone, e-mail, fax, or any other means which you make available to them.

The service will also supply you with real-time and historical reports about your site’s performance and availability. A big benefit is that they can be set up immediately and produce instant results. They won’t require any special training from you as the entire report is generated by specialized software or the team for web analytics. There aren’t also any issues about integration or technology risks. It will be a simple and straightforward operation that will enable you to keep posted day after day about how your site does.

An important characteristic of these services is the load stress test. When the traffic is low, most sites work normally. However, when the traffic picks up a little, the sites will start slowing down. You will therefore need an agency to assess your site’s speed when it has 50 visitors and the speed when it has 500 visitors. This will help you scale up your operations in order, and make your site ready for bigger goals.

These services are especially relevant and important for small businesses which are located on a shared server, and desperately trying to build up some reliable traffic. The reports can then be used to correct peculiarities in the hosting strategies.

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