Sencha Touch – An Extremely Powerful Framework for Developing Touch Devices

Sencha Touch is an HTML 5 and JavaScript based framework for mobile that enables mobile developers to create cross-platform applications. It works as an extension to existing enterprise apps for mobile clients. Sencha Touch features MVC architecture and a variety of attributes that impersonate the mobile platform native capabilities. It is one of the most proficient ways to develop high performance, sophisticated mobile apps.

Each and every component in the user interface library of Sencha Touch has its own file that can be easily edited. Sencha Touch makes explicit use of HTML 5 to deliver audio and video components, and can also deliver a local storage proxy for offline saving of data. It also makes wide use of Cascading Styling Sheet (CSS) to offer a vigorous styling layer.

Some of the salient features of Sencha Touch include:
Faster layouts – The layout components are comparatively faster and thus make the apps work faster too. Its orientation is also attractive and advanced.
Native Packaging – It is an in-built feature of Sencha Touch with the help of just one command, one can now package their application for mobile platforms such as Android and iPhone.
HTML 5 Device APIs – As HTML 5 device APIs are not available on all mobile browsers, a lot of native device APIs can be added in the packager API surface. This will make it compatible with all web browsers allowing easy access
Event Handling – Event handling provides much better touch event response on Android devices. The users find it so smooth and easy to scroll on their mobile devices with Sencha Touch development.
Image based Themes – A variety of themes for images are being added to the framework wherever CSS acts slow on browsers. This works wonders on Windows phones, especially.
Rationalized Configuration System – The configuration system makes it very easy for setting up the touch application. It thus saves time and allow streamlining the set up of your components.
New class system – Sencha Touch development uses new class system from Ext JavaScript 4 that provides the benefits of intelligent and innovative builds as well as dynamic loading capabilities

Currently Sencha Touch supports WebKit browsers that include mobile platforms and consider two main things – feature and platform richness. iPhone and Android phones are the most popular smartphones and Sencha is incisive in supporting these two trendy platforms, offering easy-to-use, innovative and rich features for developers. Sench Touch development offers an extremely powerful framework for companies to develop touch devices as per their customers need.

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