Why to choose VPS hosting

Internet has conquered the world in the last few decades. Its influence is inevitable even in day-to-day life. Online marketing strategies have been growing and adapting at a rapid rate. If you own a website then having a server is mandatory. Usually people first chose shared hosting services, as it is economical. In the starting stages of any company, having a shared server is fine as there will be not so much traffic. But when  time changes if the business is growing, then we are forced to change to a better hosting service that is the “dedicated hosting”. There is a question that many will ask:  “Are there only two types of hosting available?  I have moderate traffic in my website so I want to move to a dedicated server but my economic conditions do not allow me. What should I do? The answer is no, there are not only 2 types of hosting services. If you want to move on to a better hosting service without wasting much money then the “VPS hosting” or the virtual private hosting is the best option for you . Virtual private hosting also known as virtual dedicate server or dynamic dedicated server is a popular type of web hosting.

Virtual private hosting is a type of server, which is divided into a number of sections. These sections are such that they can act as separate servers for the users. Users enjoy almost all privileges that they get from a dedicated hosting with a reduced cost. These sections or partitions are independent of other partitions and the risk of loss of data is reduced. The server can be configured independently without considering others. Ram, disc space or even the operating system can be configured in the way, which most suits the user.

Reasons to choose VPS hosting:
• Webmaster gets a hosting service which is flexible and convenient.  He can use and configure according to his wish.
• VPS has a provision that facilitates the user to choose the operating system.  This is of great advantage for webmasters as they can choose the operating system which suits their website.
• The user can install any number of software in their chosen operating system.
• Virtual private service enables the user to have access to the root level of the hosting service.
• VPS will help the user to host a number of hosting services effectively.
• A VPS account will be isolated from other websites so the chance of data sinking or spamming is reduced. The security offered by a VPS system is much more than offered by a shared system. By paying less we are having security almost equal to a dedicated server.

From all these facts it is clear that VPS hosting is undoubtedly one of the best hosting services.

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Importance Of Technical Support For Net Projects

An efficient web hosting service is one that can provide good technical support on a daily basis. This doesn’t just stop at hardware and software but also to other issues related to domain names such as integration with payment gateways, acquirement of SSL certificates, advice on newsletter software or RSS feeds.

Regrettably, very few of these web hosting services exist. Most of them only make tall claims but don’t actually invest enough on equipment and competent support staff. Some aren’t even hosting companies but just plain resellers, although they make huge promises. So it’s up to the webmaster to make the right choices.

The web master must make a sincere effort to find out how competent the technical and support staff employed by a web host are, because it is this staff that you will have to call, if there is anything faulty with your web site.

Hosting services are often quite happy to provide technical back-up 24 hours a day in their operation centers. Nevertheless, the truth is that most of them make a great effort to find staff trained in operating systems as well as network technology. Some companies however spend more on advertising and marketing than they do on customer support.

That is why you should try to call up customer support and enquire on their basic routines of maintenance, availability, training, certification, years of experience, years of working with the service provider, etc. Try to establish what their level of expertise is through asking pointed, technical questions about their skills as well as the hardware and software which is used in their offices.

You can also ask the support staff where you can find them and where the office of the hosting service provider is. You can also directly enquire to find out if the staff is employed by the host or if he is working on a contract. This will contribute to help you find out if the customer support services have been outsourced or not. If the customer support technicians tend to very often put you on hold, this might show that their presence is only to convey service requests to others.

Usually, a hosting service can give you a hard copy of its technical back-up documentation. It might also enable you to download a PDF file with all the relevant details presented in a style which is highly professional. But don’t let such documents mislead you. Make sure you do your own research first before you sign on the dotted line. Remember that you need some good technical support to succeed in your endeavours.

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