Tips to Optimize Your WordPress Site

WordPress has made small businesses to have a websites that is easy to update and maintain, but do you know how to optimize your WordPress site so that it has the best chance of appearing at the top of your customers’ search results?

The process is similar to optimizing any website, but with a WordPress installation you can customize many of your pages’ SEO elements, as well as automating them to cut down on the time it takes to post a new item to your site. Here are few tips.


When your blog id hosted at; it limits the change you can make to your page template. But most importantly it restricts your SEO. The only benefit of your site hosted on is in term of back links generated.

Make sure that you are controlling your own domain by hosting your blog. This way you will get all the credit for back links generated and reap the rewards for strengthening the overall reputation of your domain in the search engines.


SEO plugins are one great way to optimize your site and make blog management much easier.

There are lots of useful WordPress plugins; so it is just enough to find the one that work best for your needs. The one which stands out for SEO; to name just a couple is given below,

*All in one SEO,

*Broken Link checker,

*SEO Smart Links,

*Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

*Urban Giraffe Redirection.

Update to Avoid Hacking:

WordPress hacking for malware is common, Google now provides, alert on this web maker tool as it causes big issues to the quality of their results show to searchers.

Make sure that you update and check those malware reports in Google webmaster tools to make sure everything is safe.

Well Setup WordPress:

WordPress is naturally very well set up for SEO; in terms of header optimization; title tags; internal/cross linking etc… the plugins such as all in one SEO will go long toward improving this further.

Make sure you put effort in optimizing URL structure and internal linking to make sure your blog is well optimized as possible.

Great Content:

In optimizing each page or post within the main body text, there are several key areas to focus on, such as target keyword phrases in headlines and the body of the post.

Most importantly, make sure you write for users. SEO is important when running a blog but sometimes you have to sacrifice SEO in favor of writing a post that have to generate attention and go viral. Links are obviously the most important single ranking factor in SEO; so well optimizes content with no links is still likely to be out- ranked by un optimized great content with lot of links.

You might get some good rankings in the short-term – but as with Google update Panda, we all know that longer-term quality content will succeed for a long time.

Best Optimization:

To achieve true optimization, your content needs to be great – that’s why the likes of ProBlogger, SEOmoz, etc., rank are high for so many long-tail searches. Using of keywords for search is important – but more importantly they write great content that attracts thousands of links.

But there are still a few quick wins, too, using the SEO plugins. Even if you think your site or blog is optimized, look again at its URL structure, the title tags, and the use of internal linking, image alt tags, and text formatting.

You could find that, somewhere along the line, you’ve missed that game-changing SEO technique that could take your page from the middle of page two to the top of page one in the search engine results pages.

Search Engine Marketing Techniques

A well-executed search engine marketing initiative will increase a website’s visibility in the result pages of search engines; this is done by employing various techniques, including pay per click placement, Search Engine Optimization, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion.

Paid inclusion is where the search engine charges a fee to include a company in a search result. This is usually where the website will be placed in a “featured” or “recommended” results area. Often websites appearing in these areas will be highlighted in some way, using boldface type or placing in a box at the top of the search engine result page.

Pay per click is a different take on paid Search Engine Marketing. Pay per click placement allows advertisers to pay the host site depending on the links that visitor’s click.

Contextual advertising consists of inserting targeted adverts on behalf of clients on other websites that have similar content. One of the major providers of contextual advertising is Google’s Ad Sense program – a staple in most Internet Marketing programs.

The most common form of search engine marketing, however, is search engine optimization. In general, consumers will be more likely to click on a result that appears earlier, or higher up, in a search engine results page. Search engine optimization takes into account how search engines work and the keywords people choose when performing an internet search, and attempts to ensure a website will be ranked highly on the results page. Search engine optimization is often incorporated at the design and development stage of creating a website because it often requires editing the HTML code of a website and sometimes even the site’s content in order to make it more “search engine friendly.” However, it can be (and often is) added retrospectively. Some businesses employ an in-house search engine optimizer as part of their web staff, but more often the task is outsourced to professional search engine optimization consultants.

It is important for companies to plan search engine marketing strategies in order to decide which techniques will be of the most benefit for their own needs. While search engine optimization is highly popular, search engines do frequently change their search algorithms, meaning that a site can lose its position on the results page depending on different factors. For this reason, it is important to regularly update a website in order to maximize search engine optimization. However, this lack of certainty can result in major losses if a website relies too heavily on traffic generated by search engine optimization techniques, and this is why many websites will employ various search engine marketing techniques rather than depending on one specific technique.

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