Top 5 Popular eCommerce Shopping Cart Softwares

Today ecommerce is becoming popular day by day. The influence of internet is inevitable in this hi tech world where people are depending on internet for almost everything. If you run a business and you want to extend it, starting an online business will be a better option. Let us now take a look of some of the most popular shopping kart making software available in the cyber world.

• Magento: is one of the most popular shopping cart softwares and is used in more than a million websites. Magento was first launched on 28th march 2008. It was developed by Varian with the help of members of open source community. Magento was build using Zend framework and it uses EAV (Entity Attribute Value Database) for the storage of data. In September 2010 Magento mobile was launched as an extension platform for building IOS apps. Magento was acquired by Ebay in 2011 and it is now part of X commerce business group.

• Interspire: is another popular platform which is used for making shopping karts. This is known as the shopping kart software for common man as it does not require much expert knowledge to build and operate a full functional cart.  It is estimated that Interspire is used by over half a million people.  Because of the availability of a large number of templates and themes users can design the website according to their wish.

• Zen cart: is an online file management system that allows the user to create shopping karts. Zen kart is php based and the database available is MySQL. The most beautiful part about the Zen kart is it’s free and under the GNU license.  Zencart is supported in various languages and currencies. It is more flexible and versatile unlike other shopping kart development sites and hence is one of the more popular than the others. Multi payment, shipping options, gift coupons and several other features are available in Zencart.

• Cubecart: is software that is used for making shopping karts. Cubecart V3 is free and hence a great platform for beginners.  Features of cubecart are growing day by day. Many developers contribute many plugins in cubecart. We have to pay for cubecart v 4 but it contains many innovative features.

• Agoracart: is an online shopping cart that offers many customer interactive features. It is written in perl/Mysql and there is an online CSS manager by which we can customize our website online. It features unlimited categories, products, shipping details etc. A vast number of templates are available from which we can choose the one which suits our website the most. Agocart is easy to install, manage and customize.

If you are interested in getting your business into new heights starting an ecommerce website will be a smart idea.

Advantages of Interspire shopping cart software

Interspire can be said as the perfect website-making tool for common people. Without much programming knowledge we can design high quality websites for our business. Interspire is one of the most popular shopping carts making software which is used by more than 50k customers. The ease of use and innovative features takes Interspire a step ahead of its competitors. Let us now take a look of some of the main advantages of using Interspire

• We can choose any templates from the large collection of templates offered by Interspire. Hundreds of templates are available from which we can customize our website.  We have to do take care about the appearance of our website as we know “first impression is the best impression”.

• Interspire is based on web browser and can be customized according to our needs. Web2.0 and Ajax are supported by Interspire.

• Social media integration is another important advantage which Interspire offers. In this era of technology it is estimated that people are spending their most of the time in social media websites. YouTube and twitter integration is possible in Interspire opening the door towards social media marketing.

• Logo editor is included in Interspire by which we can edit the company’s logo with ease without using any external soft wares

• Email sending feature is one of the most important features included in Interspire. We can send mails to our customers by which we can let them know about our new products or services offered. By this we can build up a trust among our customers. Interspire is offering unlimited subscription so that even if the traffic of your websites goes to a high there is nothing to worry about

• Interspire offers unlimited subcategory support and users can make their profiles  and edit them as their need

• Interspire has a fine customer care support  which is very much reliable

• SEO  or the Search Engine Optimization is one of the main thing that we have to be concerned about wile doing online marketing. SEO simply means promoting your website in search engine results by certain techniques. Interspire is designed such that It is SEO optimized .Interspire is designed by SEO experts and it has designed in such a way that all pages can be easily accessed and indexed by  search engines

In this world where technology is advancing in a rapid rate Interspire is also evolving. In the recent versions of Interspire the designers have incorporated some innovative upgrades that will make Interspire smarter. Thread commenting system and captcha support is offered by Interspire. By this entire feature we can undoubtedly say that Interspire is one of the best shopping cart development software available in the market.

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