How to do Social Media Marketing

A successful Business is a combination of skill, passion and productivity. The more the passion and skill the more will be the productivity. Is the productivity alone good enough? No there should be some people to buy the products. For that purpose we are doing marketing. In this era of hi tech technology online marketing is gaining more and more popularity. Online marketing is gaining more and more popularity because of its huge reach. Let us now take a look of some of the ways social media marketing is done.

• Via social media websites

When we hear the word social media, the first thing that comes to our mind is “Facebook”. With more than 800 million active users facebook is the biggest online social networking website.  Using Facebook to commercialize your products is a smart way of online marketing. Either you can advertise in facebook or create a “fan page” for your company. The more “likes” you get in your fan page the more consumer reach you can have. Millions view the advertisement you give in Facebook and it will surely benefit your business. If you have any updates regarding your products you can publish the details in your companies fan page. You can also conduct contests or campaigns to improve the popularity of your product.

Twitter is another popular social media website where we can share our ideas in the form of “twits”. Twits are short messages that our followers can see. Followers are same as friends or fans in facebook. You just have to create an account in twitter and make some followers. You can twit the updates and offers in your company.

LinkedIn is a social networking website for professionals. Various job offers are available in linkedin and we can communicate with technically eminent persons, and you can post job vacancies in your company.

There are many other social media websites like MySpace, Friendster and Digg. You can create and use these to promote your company.

• Blogs and forums

Blogs and forums are two important ways by which we can do social media marketing. In blogs we can write about any topic. If people find our blog post interesting they will share it. As we are doing all these for the promotion of our company, always write articles which relate with our company or the products of our company.  Always remember to write the blog post creatively and don’t ever copy the contents from any other website. If you can’t write blogs by yourself hire a copy writer or content writer and he will do the work. Always remember, it’s the quality that matters not the quantity.  In forums you can post articles and start discussions. Always collect the feedback of the people and you will know how you can improve your product.

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Elgg Installation and Advantages

Elgg is a social networking platform developed by Ben Wertmuller von and David Tosh in the year 2004. Since then Elgg has been recognized as one of the most popular cross platform, open source social networking application. Many prestigious websites has been developed using Elgg.  Elgg is gaining popularity day by day as it’s an open source platform.  If you are business minded and want to earn some bucks then elgg is the perfect platform for you. You can make a social networking website using Elgg and can add almost all features that popular social networking websites offer.  Some features of Elgg are shown below.

• The Elgg software can be downloaded for free
• Desired user profile
• Chatting feature
• Can post updates
• Friends can comment on your updates
• User data security
• A lot of Elgg templates are available for free  and you can chose from them
• There is no restriction for platforms will work in PHP My SQL  apache and Linux
• Elgg hosting is pretty much popular and will work well for your website
• Can customize Elgg platform by adding  your own features
• A large no of plugins are available for elgg . Plugins enhance the performance of your website by bringing in additional features.

How to install Elgg:

Elgg is a leading social networking platform which helps you to make your own social networking website. As it’s free software, anyone can download it from Elgg.Org and make social networking sites. Let’s now see how to install elgg in your computer

First of all there are some technical requirements for installing Elgg in your system lets see what they are.

• PHP 5.2 or greater version – PHP should have extensions  like GD , multi byte string support and the ability to send email through MTA
• My SQL (version)  or greater
• A suitable web server (Apache)  which has the support for URL rewriting
• Elgg is offering official support for  rewrite module enabled Apache  and PHP running as an Apache module

If your computer satisfies the above said requirements then go to Elgg official website and download the latest version of elgg

• Once you have downloaded elgg, unzip it and store inside your web server  either in  its own directory  that is /home/www/elgg  or in  root directory ie /home/www  . Then upload the corresponding files using an FTP client to your web server
• Create a data folder  outside your document root for storing pictures , user information and other details
• Then create a MySQL database for elgg with php myAdmin or MySQL command line client

Go to your elgg website and the further installation steps will be there. An administrator account will be created after the installation.

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