Getting Website Visitors By Effectively Using Overture/Yahoo

Overture, also known as Yahoo due to Yahoo’s takeover, was one of the original inventors of the use of the P4P or Pay for Performance. Overture saw that the internet was becoming the easiest and most convenient way to shop quite fast, and advertising was going to hit at an all time high due to the many businesses present in the arena.

To get a person to go to a site more than others, the visibility needs to also be good. Providing ads that could direct potential consumers and costumers towards their site would allow them to increase the traffic as well as the sales. Yahoo can provide a service that can put a site or a company’s ad in their sites that can also be shown when certain keywords are inputted.

Yahoo gives the opportunity for any company to increase their traffic through the use of their services. With more people being well aware of your site, there would be more traffic and visitors to your site who will get the chance to view your pages along with your products. With even a small percentage of successful sales, with a high traffic volume this could still be quite a substantial figure for your company.

Every company’s goal is to get a consistent substantial flow of website visitors. Due to this, several methods have been devised and made use of in order to ensure that there would be more people to increase the sales and to be conscious of the existence of such a product or service. Website visitors are quite obviously the life blood of your internet based business.

Yahoo/Overture makes use of the same principle as Google’s Adwords. Actually, they are quite similar to each other in that they use keywords and keyword phrase searches in order to find out which ads to show for each search. When a person types in a keyword or keyword phrase in order to search for anything, the search engines will give out the results on a page. Then, at the right side of the page, you will see a selection of ads that have been paid for to be viewed with certain keywords and keyword phrases searched.

For instance, if you run a car parts retail/wholesale site, and you choose keywords that can prompt or trigger your ads to be shown in the page when a keyword is searched, when a search engine user will type in Honda Accord for example, your ad might come up if you have chosen that as one of your keywords. You do not need to completely optimize your site with Search Engine Optimization methods and techniques.

Though some people work quite hard to make their site ranking highly per keyword search, you will get the chance to be on the top of the list or at least in the first page of a search result which will increase your chance to be clicked on. With that, you will drive traffic and website visitors to your site a lot more quickly.

However, you will be required to pay some money when you make use of this service. There are several different ways Yahoo/Overture will charge you. It might be in the number of keywords or keyword phrases your ad uses or in the many times your ad is clicked on. Others might offer you several other services such as having your ad show up not only in the search engine pages but also along with some third party sites.

Third party sites tend to support ads which might have a similar theme or niche as them. With more areas your ad might be shown in, you will increase the chances of people knowing about your site or product. Also, with more website visitors you will increase your site’s sales which will makes your investment with your ads quite a wise one.

With so much competition in businesses which are internet based, it will be necessary to take a huge leap forward from the pack by doing some advertising. Yahoo/Overture will be a great place to begin. Many have made use of their services and have gathered the rewards of this decision. It is a marketing strategy that will very much increase your website visitors as well as raise your sales resulting in a good amount of profit.

Nevertheless, it takes money to make money. Whilst there might be some methods that are basically low cost or free, making use of a marketing service such as what Yahoo/Overture offers will provide faster results and on a larger scale. Several businesses have learned this the hard way, make sure you don’t make this mistake as well.

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What Are Your Website Visitors Like?

Getting a good knowledge about the kind of people who visit your site is a very important task as you can make use of that information in order to enhance your site. As a result, you will get some more loyal returning visitors that will come back time and again for more.

What are your visitor’s age level and what kind of knowledge do they have? A layman might surf around a general site on gardening, but a professional botanist might turn his nose at the very same site. Likewise, a regular person will leave a site filled with astronomy abstracts whilst a well educated university graduate might find that site quite interesting.

Try to take your audience’s emotional state into consideration when you build your site. If an extremely irritated visitor looks for a solution and comes across your site, you will want to make sure you are able to offer a solution right up front and sell or promote your product to him in second place. In this manner, the visitor will put his trust in you for offering the solution to his problems and will be more likely to buy your product when you offer it to him later on.

When you design your site’s layout, you will have to take into account your audience’s characteristics. Are they old or young people? Are they looking for trends or are they just looking for information which is served without any icing on the cake? For instance, if you introduce a new, exciting game with a simple, straightforward black text against a white background page will definitely turn your visitors away. Therefore, try to make sure your design will suit the general theme of your site.

Also, you might like to try sprinkling some colloquial language into your sites sparingly, but where you see fit and you will give an idea that your audience is on common, equal grounds with you. This in turn will build a trusting relationship between you and your visitors, which will become useful if you should want to market any product to them.

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