The Most Versatile in Video Conferencing – The Polycom Vsx 7400

If you are in the market for a new video conferencing product, there are a lot of companies that are able to make some video conferencing products. However, which one do you consider would be best for your needs? There are several different options for you to choose from, and if you have limited space, then finding the proper model of video conferencing equipment will be even more important. If you don’t have a lot of space, or are looking for versatility, then you will probably like to take a good look at the Polycom Vsx 7400 to satisfy all your conferencing requirements.

Let us first take a better look at some of the benefits that come along with the Polycom Vsx 7400 video conferencing system, so that you can truly see how well it will be able to fit into your video conferencing needs. Initially, this particular system is rather small and well designed to be able to allow you to place it just about anywhere, even on top of the television you will be able to have it hooked up too! This will therefore allow you to maximize your space, which will be great for those that might not have an entire conferencing room to be able to dedicate their meetings, or for those that might require a system that can be easily set up just about anywhere.

Further to being a small and sleek design, the Polycom Vsx 7400 is also an extremely versatile system. This versatility is very much and greatly due in part to its serial port which can enable a wider variety of devices, such as touch panels, or even medical devices to be plugged in. This ability will then allows all manner of information to be well shared through the video conferencing system, such as specific information from a medical device from one doctor to another, from anywhere to halfway around the globe.

Another amazing feature that the Polycom Vsx 7400 video conferencing system has, and that is shared along with all of Polycom’s VSX and HDX series, is a program better known as People + Content, created by Polycom for improving their systems. What this program more particularly allows for, is the unlimited ability to be able to share information from your computer, through the video conference. Don’t ever think that people that are only audio participants are ever left out, as they will be more fully capable of sharing any content that video participants are. Lastly, the true beauty of this program, is that it is completely wireless and is also completely and absolutely free!

Currently, perhaps, you will be able to see why it is that Polycom has become the world’s best leader in solving all your video conferencing needs. With the Polycom Vsx 7400 model, you will be able to travel just about anywhere and also be able to conduct an effective video conference. This is not to mention the fact that it will also be versatile enough to be able to allow you to attach a great amount of devices to it, as well as having the People + Content application, all of which will make it possible to allow you to share all the information that you might require with the people that will surely need it.

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