The Need for Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications provide users with a responsive interface and is known to deliver interactive web experience. Most RIAs are designed to boost businesses with better productivity.

Delivering a plethora of features, Rich Internet Applications which include videos, word processors, games and mobile apps have become hugely popular worldwide.

RIAs are basically applications which are like desktop based applications with better interactivity and communication. Take for instance AJAX, which is widely used as a RIA and delivers a fantastic interface for many users across the globe.

RIAs are useful for making new applications which is not possible with traditional technologies. Complex processes like online shopping and data analysis can be done by RIAs easily. RIAs can be used for work with existing web application infrastructure and can be used as normal HTML web pages.

Customer engagement brings a lot of value to the table. According to a recent study, conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit on behalf of Adobe, 80% of the respondents said that improved customer loyalty is one of the main results of customer engagement while 75% said they believed that customer engagement can lead to higher profits.

Customers can be transformed into active advocates for brands and even play a crucial role in enhancing the brand. A Forrester report commissioned in 2007 revealed that well-designed RIAs can actually produce spectacular results and even enhance the value of current investments.

According to the research report, RIAs have always managed to meet or even better the expectations of clients. The report also reveals that RIAs have actually simplified the browsing experience and a drastic ease of use for customer-facing RIAs. Most analysts believe that a simplified browsing experience blended with interactivity helps higher conversion rates. It has been noticed that shoppers become buyers in real time due to better shopping experience. There are fewer customers who give up when the shopping experience becomes simplified.

RIAs have the ability to incorporate rich media which helps boost profit margins. Rich internet applications normally have better configurations and they also allow for embedding of videos and also some contextual help content. Users who benefit from these features are the ones who convert from being shoppers to being customers

Building RIAs can be a costly affair. But there are companies who actually deliver consistent, cross-platform experiences. There are scores of companies who can enable designers and developers to create RIAs using their best skills and technological expertise. One can leverage existing resources during times of customer engagement while also minimizing expense.

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