The Value of Search Engines

It is the search engines which finally bring your website to the notice of your prospective customers. When a topic is typed in for search, almost instantly, the search engine will sift through the millions of pages it has indexed about and present you with ones which can best match your topic. The searched matches are also ranked, so that the most relevant ones come up in first place.

Don’t forget that a potential customer will probably only take a look at the first 2-3 listings in the search results. So it does indeed matter where your website appears in the search engine ranking.

Further to that, they all tend to use one of the top 6-7 search engines and these search engines attract more visitors to websites than anything else. So, finally therefore, it all depends on which search engines the customers use and how they will rank your site.

It is the Keywords which play an significant role than any expensive online or offline advertising of your website.

Current surveys have revealed that when customers would like to find a website for information or to buy a product or service, they locate their sites in one of the following ways:

• The first option is that they find their site via a search engine.
• Secondly they find their site by clicking on a link from another website or page which relates to the topic in which they are interested.
• On occasion, they find a site by hearing about it from a friend or reading about it in an article.

Therefore, it is quite obvious the the most popular means to find a site, by search engine, represents more than 90% of online users. In other words, only 10% of the people looking for a website will tend to make use of methods other than search engines.

All search engines employ a ranking algorithm and one of the main rules in a ranking algorithm is to control the location and frequency of keywords on a web page. Remember that algorithms also tend to give weight to link population (number of web pages linking to your site). When performed by a very qualified, experienced search engine optimization consultant, your site for high search engine rankings really will work, unless you have a lot of money and can afford to pay an expert. With better knowledge of search engines and how they function, you can also do it by yourself.

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