Three Basic Principles for Instant Article Submission

You can enjoy the benefits of instant article submission if you submit to free directories or to top article submission site lists.

When it comes to article directory use, 3 basic principles will help you to maximize the potential exposure they can provide. First, make sure that each article you submit to free directories adds real value to the individuals that will read them. Second, employ white-hat optimization techniques to gain recognition for your articles. Third, offer incentives on your website in order to encourage readers to click through to your site via the link provided in your article.

1)    Add Value: An article directory provides you with a free method of advertising through instant article submission to prospective customers and boosting search engine rankings. However, if you are sloppy or selfish with the articles you post, you may wind up turning off your target audience instead of drawing them in. Make sure that the articles you submit to free directories are factual, relevant and that they provide helpful information that can help your readers to fulfill their own goals and enrich their own lives. In this manner, you will gain the trust and respect of your target audience, while at the same time encouraging them to find out more about what you, your company or your website has to offer.

2)    Optimize: Simple ”tweaks” to the articles you submit to an article directory can help a great deal when it comes to gaining the attention of major search engine web crawlers. For instance, you would be wise to incorporate the use of sub-headings, key words typed in bold or italicized formats and bulleted lists that provide relevant information in a succinct manner that is easy to scan over and absorb quickly. Here are three simple codes to help you ”tweak” the articles you submit to any given article directory:

•    Heading codes – Insert new heading number for each sub-heading.
•    Bold code – Use in conjunction with key words.
•    Italic code – Do not over-use italic in your article.

Search engine crawlers will recognize these codes when you include them in your article and this may help you to rise in search engine rankings. Extensive research shows that web browsers typically click through to website links that make it to the first 3 pages of search engine listings. Therefore, it is imperative that you maximize the SEO effectiveness of each article by submitting them to articles submission sites list.

3)    Incentives: Each article submitted to an article directory is a chance not only to generate inbound links for your website but also to encourage your readers to click directly through to your site via your article. Use the inherent opportunity an article directory submission provides to make readers aware of any relevant freebies, downloads and eBooks that you have available on your website. Including incentive in each article submitted to an article directory is likely to boost the amount of traffic generated for your website by a noticeable degree.

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