Tips to Solve i Phone 4 Water Damage

No doubt, a damn new i phone matters a lot to the owner and imagine what will be his position if he accidentally drops his mobile device on water. We all carry our phones when we walk and work in the kitchen and even in restrooms. There is every chance that your phone may get dropped into the bucket of water or some water spills on the device accidentally. Do not panic if something like this happens in your life. I know that you cannot afford to get a new phone wasting thousands of dollars. Also it is difficult to get it repaired since you can get it done only at the genuine dealers of Apple and not with everyone in the corner. There are certain ways to deal with i phone 4 water damage and believe me; you can get back your mobile very shortly without wasting even a single dollar.

If you have a personal computer in your home, start browsing the websites which guides you through the process of drying the i phone. Firstly, remove the mobile from water and pat it completely dry with a clean towel. Use tissue papers to rub the inner parts. Next you have to switch off the phone, in case if it works. Now, remove the outer cover and take out the sim card and battery. Dry it out completely for 10 minutes using the hand towel of mild dryer. Hold the card carefully and do not let it drop again into the water while you are drying it. Use gentle dryer for absorbing the moisture from the inner parts like dock connector, sim card and headphone jack system.

Take enough time to dry them off fully and do not be fast in using the phone again. Now after completing the process do not attempt to re-insert the Sim card for using the device. Instead keep them separately in an airtight container or zip-lock bag for 2-3 days. This will remove the unabsorbed moisture from the inner parts. Also you can take 100 grams of uncooked rice and add it inside the container in which your phone is kept, for absorbing any other moisture.

Repeat the drying therapy using dryer for two to three times a day. Leave the phone undisturbed for the entire day. Check whether the water layer has disappeared from the screen fully. This is a simple process of i phone 4 water damage and you can restore the phone fully without spending anything. After a couple of days, you can plug the phone into the socket and check if it works and gets charged.

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