VoIP Phone Ready to Play Role in Communication Technology

Voice over IP is a most popular IP based internet technology which has gained high popularity at these days. It is also called internet telephony or broadband telephony or broadband phone. It transfers the voice packages through internet or IP based network.

Many companies are providing these types telephony connection services. Some service providers offers free services, this concern to as far as calling one to other PC. There are several plans are available to voice over IP subscribe that will give you unlimited international calls around 125 countries.

VoIP Fee Packages:

There are mostly three type’s plans provided by companies-

  1. Monthly Plan: This type plan is monthly basis with additional facilities of being able to local and international calls to your PC absolutely free of cost. In order to this you must select a plan and sign in as a member.

    Some VoIP providers give you an unlimited plan at same price. You can make local or international calls without any additional charge. These facilities are available at your regular landline phone, your mobile and PC.

  2. Pay Per Call Plan: It is other types VoIP plan which is better for person which has no need of daily subscribe call. This type facility is available at credit basis, before you subscribe call to ensure that credit balance is available in your account else your call can break in mean time.

    There are several benefits of the Pay Per Call Plan-

    • Call charges are according to your talk time.
    • No any hidden or monthly charges.
    • Your calling time also gets limited with main or valuable telephony.
  3. Annual Plan: It is the very different type and long term plan. These types plan are better for business man or official purpose which has make local or international call without any hesitation. It is work at basis of pay one time and call long time.

    Business man who wants setup his business and he has need to local and international call at regular basis. Several companies are providing these types facility at affordable cost for example if you want take a annual plan then you can take annual package at one month discount cost price means user will be pay fee of only 11 month and get it for 12 month.

Benefits of VoIP Phone:

  • It is provide multi user multi tasking at same broadband phone.
  • It provides local and international calls services at less cost.
  • You can receive incoming call any time anywhere with internet network.
  • It is better for business man to long term call.
  • VoIP provide services anywhere in the world at same charges.
  • You can transfer message, images, audio and video files, text files and document etc.
  • You can keep same number when you move on to other places.

Faktortel is a VoIP and PBX provider company in Australia wide. It has extensive experience in this field and providing hardware equipment like modem, router, Broad band Phone etc.

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