What is Static Website Design

Static Website Design refers to the designing of those websites which are static and not dynamic. Static websites are completely motionless whereas dynamic websites are animated each and every moment.

There is a good deal of difference between a static and a dynamic website. The process and techniques of designing varies with the nature and purpose of the website. A dynamic website never remains static and the contents change and alter with the requirements of the visitors and the users. The dynamic websites require a steady flow of contents which the static websites do not require.

A static page may simply display a catalogue of products that a company produces whereas a dynamic page may give answers to specific questions of the users and allow them to post their opinions on the page. This way, the page remains in a flux all the time and keeps the website alive and dynamic. Dynamic websites constantly update themselves and cater to the current needs of their visitors. This is surely not the case with the static websites.

Unlike dynamic website designers, static website designers know their boundaries well before they design the website. They do not need to consider about the flexibility of the contents and their constant updation. They usually have the contents at hands prior to the development of the website. They plan the site architecture along with the positions and placements of the contents.

Anybody who is interested in the static Website design should keep in mind that the static websites do not contain any javascript, flash and ajax applications. These applications are mostly found in websites that are dynamic. The dynamic websites contain these applications in the drop down menus and slide shows. On the other hand, the static websites only contain texts and images and no audio and video files.

A static webpage is also known as a flat page or a stationary page. Such a page is delivered to a visitor just as it has been stored. Static web pages are designed in such a way so that they display same information for all users whereas dynamic sites display information according to the requirement of the user since they are developed with the help of web applications.

Static web pages are mostly HTML documents which are stored as files in the file system. These HTML files are made available to users in the same form as they have been originally created by the web server over HTTP. But not every URL ending with “.html” is static.

Static web pages contain those contents that never or very rarely require any change. These pages typically contain authentic information and data that are unchangeable. Although keeping a large number of static pages in store might turn out immaterial, still Static Website Design is on the high today. Static websites serve specific purposes and store huge information about a company or its credentials.

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