Why Hosted VoIP for Small Businesses

VoIP calling plans There Are 2 Types of Business VoIP Installations: a Hosted VoIP service or a Premise VoIP service.

The choice of installation depends upon the specific needs of your company as well as the level of expertise and commitment to managing a particular VoIP installation.

Types of Business VoIP Installations

1. Premise VoIP Installation: Own and manage on your location the telecommunications hardware and the software.
2. Hosted VoIP Installation: Lease the Services from a VoIP Service Provider

A Premise based solution requires additional network equipment as well as dedicated servers and reliable battery backup systems. Network integrity testing should also be done before implementing a premises VoIP solution.

VoIP Greatly Increases Flexibility

A Hosted VoIP phone service offers a great deal more flexibility than a Premise Based VoIP system. Both types of installation come loaded with Advanced PBX Calling Features that can easily be added to any telephone. However a Hosted VoIP solution offers greater flexibility when adding new locations or when adding new users to your system. Changes can can also be made quickly and easily with a Hosted VoIP system. Moves, adds and changes are easily completed without the need for a technician to come to site, saving about $125.00 per visit.

Hosted VoIP allows you to easily move your telephone sets while keeping the telephone number and features intact. You can even move a Hosted VoIP phone set to a completely different physical location and that phone will still behave as if it were in your primary office location. You simply unplug your phone and plug it into another network jack location that is connected to the network. As new features and applications are designed they can be added to your network.

A Hosted VoIP Phone Service frees your company from the burden of managing the security of the locations that house your system. The hardware that runs a Hosted VoIP service should be housed in an ultra secure location located with redundant facilities. Among the many security features of such a location is a backup power supply that can keep the facility running for at least 15-days along with a team of technicians that monitor the systems 24/7.

A Hosted VoIP Phone System also does not require the purchase or maintenance of VoIP hardware and software and is therefore easier and much less costly to implement. IP telephone sets, a specialized router are the only hardware that is required to install Hosted VoIP phone system.

VoIP Reliability Continues to Improve

There should not be difference in the reliability between a Hosted VoIP solution and Premise VoIP solution. VoIP, while once considered unstable, has now become a reliable communication solution. Distributing call processing functions across the network eliminates any single point of failure. Choppy calls, once the number one complaint among users, have now stabilized thanks to newer technology and better networks. Providers are moving towards a new standard for the VoIP network, H.323. Infrastructure Traditional PBX telephone systems required at least one pair of analog telephone wires to each workstation. With VoIP, only one cable (a data connection) is needed to the desktop, which will accommodate both voice and data.


Voice over IP is here to stay. A VoIP phone system is easily updated to the latest software version at generally no charge. This ensures that your company is always up to date with the newest technology available. This keeps you a step ahead of your competition. Integration into a CRM life Salesforce.com and other customized business processes has already happened significantly reducing ongoing maintenance and development costs.

With a Hosted VoIP installation, any problems can be fixed quickly and do not require an onsite visit from a technician. With a Premises VoIP installation, the problems are your responsibility.

With a Hosted VoIP installation, other than a broken phone, all problems can be fixed remotely. Traditional PBX systems and Premises VoIP installations often require a truck-roll (on-site visit) to the premise, a requirement that introduces a period of delay in trouble-shooting.

Further, most Hosted VoIP telephone systems are monitored by the hosting company 24×7. To get that same level of service in a traditional PBX or Premises VoIP installation requires a much higher (and therefore more expensive) service level agreement. With a Hosted VoIP phone system, maintenance issues can be more quickly and efficiently addressed because the majority of equipment is located offsite.

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