Why IBM LTO 2 is the Top Choice of IT Managers?

Each and every day government agencies, e-businesses, financial top organizations and businesses small or large enterprises around the world produce tons of data, information and other related sensitive and most valuable data information, whose availability on time and integrity with strength is vital for future growth. Companies and enterprises around the world are spending lots of money to secure backup information, looking for most economical and reliable solutions. LTO (liner tape open) is a globally well known tape media format which has proven to be the most efficient, reliable, storage solution for handling the challenges of data storage rich environments. Smooth paths, improved and reliable scalability and road maps to LTO generations provide more choice, satisfaction and flexibility to its customers around the world. That why LTO format is the top choice for the data Managers and IT administrators.

IBM is the pioneer name in the computing world and a dominant brand for the last century providing the best LTO technology. The IBM 08L9870 is an LTO-2 cartridge that has solved these backup data storage problems. And that’s why many of the world’s renewed and famous companies prefer IBM LTO-2 tapes for their needs and demands.

These tapes carry great features which are most advanced and fully reliable for this kind of backup data storage use. The LTO-2 Ultrium Tapes cartridge has a native 200 GB capacity and 400 GB compressed capacity, and also has a 40 MB native and 80 MB compressed transfer rate, 610 m tape length, recording standard Ultrium 2, IBM providing a 10 year long warranty.

Also, a carried memory chip is an integral and basic component of each of these tapes. This allows the transfer of data with IBM 2 Drivers through radio waves. And, to help boosting the file, you can access the memory chip to accelerate the media loading and automated environment. IBM LTO-2 tapes, extend the boundaries of data storage capacity and capability. Another great feature of this product is a smooth and robust tape reel of IBM LOT-2 which ensures high speed, superior data transfer, and stability in backup applications; it also helps to reduce friction between head and tape which can help driver as well cartridge long working life. Tension can increase the error ratios and noise level. IBM 08L9870 LTO-2 has used their best technology to reduce the tape friction. This enhances the reliability of backup storage data reading and writing. And also IBM designed this cartridge mechanism to assure steady and fast reel rotation and smooth and silent winding of tapes.

Data managers can easily rely on the superior backup performance of the IBM LOT-2 Tapes. Combination of the breakthrough and delightful features make IBM a right choice all over the world. IBM LOT-2 tape media technologies have elevated the data reliability, density, capacity, durability and transfer of valuable data. The transfer speed of LTO tape format provides exceptional flexibility and scalability in middle range network storage systems. IBM LOT-2 tape carries new advantageous techniques which has upgraded the data reliablity and output frequency components. And, it also carried and designed this increased track density and tape technologies, the cartridge retaining information for a longer time.

IBM LOT-2 tapes are really reliable and suitable for any kind of environment. And best choice for smart and expertise around the world.

Harry Hanson (itdevicesonline)

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