Why Local Search SEO Can Save Your Business

So you’ve set up your marketing plan and are getting your targeted keywords ready for optimization. You’ve highlighted a number of great keywords pertaining to your merchandise or services and you’re sure that your SEO marketing campaign will get you a massive boost in sales. Or will it?

When it comes to picking great keywords there are a lot of businesses jockeying for the same number one spot. It takes a lot of your marketing dollars and effort to rank high for general keywords. While these are always great to have for your business, have you considered utilizing local SEO? Expert marketers have been encouraging businesses to get on board with this newer breed of search engine optimization quite a lot in the last year. So what’s the deal with this Google local search SEO and how can it help your business?

To best understand how local search helps you you’ll need to consider a few things. As we all know, any given search engine has an index of thousands and thousands of different websites all under various different keyword relevancies. Every time you search for something the results are vastly different in ranking each time. Keywords play a definite part in this process of course, and that’s why businesses run seo plans. However locations and business category both play a big factor into search rankings now days.

For a fun exercise try searching for a general keyword, something like pizza or cell phones in Google. You’ll notice that there are several websites above the organic search results that are all based on nearby businesses relevant to the search topic. This is the sort of direction that Google is pushing for most of its searches.

While it’s great if your business ranks number 1 for a general keyword, it will only turn into tangible profit if the people finding you are actually willing to travel to or can use your business remotely. Being first for water heaters is an outstanding feat, but no matter how many times your website comes up first it won’t do people any good if you’re based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and they need your product right now in Gillett, Wyoming! That’s one of the big reasons why people searching for a business or item locally tag on city names or locations to make sure only relevant nearby websites show up.

So how do you accomplish this sort of geo-targeted search results? For a simple approach you need to start utilizing keywords with the nearby cities that your customers come from. Take the keyword ‘SEO company’ for example. That alone doesn’t help people wanting to find nearby marketing companies, nor does it target your potential leads the best. However ‘Chicago SEOcompany’ will better target your nearby potential leads who are actually likely to become your customers.

With cell phones that now actively keep track of your location and incorporate it into search results and Google itself actively stressing the importance of localization it’s a wise choice to start making local search SEO a part of your business plan.


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