How To Make Your Industry Logo Design Communicate With The World?

The development growth of a particular country is often judged by its gross domestic product, economic growth, low poverty line, but I would say that all these factors are closely dependent on the number of industries a country have. As, Toshihiko Fukui, the governor of the bank of Japan once said:

“During the past two decades, inflation has fallen to a low level in major industrial countries” Greater number of industries can result into greater number of employment opportunities but this increase also calls for effective marketing strategies out of which one is logo designing.

Industry logos are the primary means of communications for a particular industry. It will not only talk on the behalf of your company online but offline as well. Today, nobody can deny the profound importance of a corporate brand mark identity.

Huge companies once used to perceive these brand marks as a mere wastage of time and money but now they have stepped in this logo design industry as well to set their industry apart from the rest. Being a graphic designer, I would classify logo as a face of your business which will be always there to support you in bad and good times both.

These corporate brand marks should be drawn in accordance with the business nature you are running otherwise you might not get the results as per your requirements. That doesn’t mean that you should provide a resume of your company in your corporate identity, rather it should be design in way that it can represent your company to the world. The representation is something that matters a lot in business brand marks.

Have you ever seen a computer in Apple’s logo? Or is there any phone in Nokia’s brand mark? No!

These brand marks never incorporated the symbol of their work in their brand marks. So, the question here is what should you use in your corporate identity then?

The answer to this question may vary from person to person but from my point of view, I think, it should be the USP of your business. Though, apple has nothing to do with computers, it is basically called as the Newton’s apple especially inspired from Words Worth’s quotation which was, “Newton… a mind forever voyaging through strange seas of thought”

This is what the company is all about. Always talking about new and refreshing ideas. Therefore, you must think about the core concept of your business that will be then effectively utilized in your industrial logos.

The concept that sets you apart from the rest and offered only by your company will be the USP – unique selling proposition of a business. Therefore, you should think hard and find out what is the unique thing about your company?

Hence, you must not provide the list of your capabilities in your corporate brand mark rather think what you can offer to your target market that others cannot. Once you know what the unique aspect of your business then you will surely be able to create a brand mark identity that will turn your industry into a cash cow.

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